When Is a Good Time to Switch From Shared Hosting to a Virtual Private Server?

Shared hosting is like living in a shared apartment where everyone stays in the same room, and share the resources available. The hosting plan might be a good choice at the initial stage, but as your business expands, it will outgrow the resources provided under the shared hosting package. This is when you start thinking about moving to a better server.

You might be experiencing performance degradation, resource limitations, security issues, affected SEO rankings and all of this happens due to poor server quality. Server quality doesn’t means physical quality but measurable benefits that includes server bandwidth, hard disk space etc.

These few things mentioned below indicates that its time to move on to a better server:

Traffic Spikes: Resource sharing is one of the major downside of shared hosting because the privileges shared hosting offers is distributed and used by thousands of other users residing on the same server. This also affect web efficiency. Even if you are provided with the required resources, it will be shared among other websites residing on the same server.

For example, if other website is experiencing an increase in the number of visitors, the user will consume most of the resources required to manage the peak in traffic. This means if your website experience traffic spikes, you won’t be able to handle it due to resource insufficiency. VPS comes with better resources that ensures to maintain availability and efficiently manage heavy web traffic.

Optimized security: If one website is infected with virus and malware, the probabilities of other websites getting affected are high. For example, if few of the websites on the same server fail to meet the security guidelines, your website gets compromised as well, even though if your website is well secured.

In addition, if other websites on the same server are blacklisted for spam, your site might end up in the blacklist as well because you share the same server IP address, affecting your SEO. VPS hosting is a secure platform and ensures to keep you from such conditions.

Better control: As long as your website remains on a shared server, no resources will be completely dedicated to you. Besides, you don’t get the freedom to install software, modules and other programs and not even cPanel. Virtual Private Server, on the other hand, gives you better control over your server, provides dedicated access on the resources allotted to you, and allows you to install software and applications.

Source by Rahul Solanki

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