What Are the Key Reasons to Choose Windows Hosting?

Currently, Windows hosting had gradually increased its competitiveness over Linux with increased capabilities and user-friendly. It is soon replacing Linux as one of the hosting needs and requirements. Windows Hosting had became the favorite of the society today in conjunction of the launching of window 2008 operating system which is equipped with the latest innovative technologies with advancement in many areas such as the security features, online payment check -out counter features and many more.

Here we share some of the key reasons why window hosting is preferred today;

1. Window hosting platform easily integrates with many other Microsoft products. The wide -ranging support and high compatibility of this Microsoft-friendly solution had made it a very popular choice today.

2. Either Microsoft window server 2003 or 2008 operating systems, they are excellent and powerful system solution which ease the integration of end to end server management with increased security and flexibility to further upgrade it to support increased business functions with the internet, and to increase its feasibility with different environment to enable even more integrated solutions.

3. Cost effectiveness is another factor which had further escalated the success of window hosting. This is because the propriety software licenses are owned by Microsoft itself, which managed to reduce a tremendous amount of cost here because Microsoft did not need to pay to get the software from a third party which can be a huge license cost to pay for, which drove down the cost of window 2008 or 2003 to be highly competitive today, which directly drove to the price reduction of window hosting today.

4. High supportability is another major strength of Microsoft 2008 which lead to the popularity of window hosting. Most of the open source products found in the market today such as MySQL, ASP and PHP can be run effectively on windows. This is 100% true on Windows, however for the case of Linux, this may not be true.

5. One of the major features of windows hosting is ASP, active server pages which had been made easier to work compared to their competitors such as CGI or PERL as ASP is a Microsoft Visual Basic client side language which is suitable for all users, especially the beginners which made it easier to be used by many groups of users.

6. It is also a great choice for developers because it allows those programming and technical professionals to be able to focus more on the business process because there is not much complexities at the technical end which need a lot of attention on.

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