Web Hosting Service – 5 Tips to Choose the Best Hosting Package Online

Choosing the best web hosting service for your online business is very important. If you don’t do it right from the very beginning, it would be very difficult to make corrections in future. Hosting a website with a chosen company simply means that you trust them.

If you plan to host your website soon, the 5 tips below are conditions you should look out for.

Quality Up-time Service

This is the first thing you should seek for in any hosting company you discover. The fact is: only a few of the service companies out there truly delivers on quality up-time. Up-time measures how much your website runs on the World Wide Web without disappearing or bouncing each time a visitor arrives. No company would guarantee a 100% in regards to up-time, but at least 98% is awesome. Do your research before placing your orders.

Effective Customer Support

How would you feel each time you sent an email and doesn’t get a feedback? I felt disappointed the first day I tried calling a web hosting company. Web hosting sometimes comes with technical issues that must be resolved, if the customer support is lagging, who knows what will happen to your visitors and data. On this note, there is still something very important about customer service, take a look:

Personalized Customer Support

This is quite different from above. The hosting company you go for has to appoint a customer attendant to manage your domain and hosting issues. If every one of the attendants replies your emails and answer your calls, there will always be hiccups on the way when a similar technical issue arises. Fortunately, I lately observed that host of the service companies out who are thinking in this direction.

Register and Host Your Domain in One Place

This sub-title looks rather long but that’s fine. What I want to bring out here is that you should endeavor to host your domain names where you registered them. This might not be obvious but I have discovered it works better on the long-run. It all boils down to your motive of doing business online. If you are after profit, why not stick with a company that registers domain as well as host them. The issue of transfer and name servers will not arise, and this might be a great issue for beginners.

Affiliate Programs

Do you know you can make money promoting a web hosting service to your Family and Colleagues? This is made possible with affiliate marketing. Make sure the company you choose has an affiliate program so that you can add their banners and links to your website and earn a commission when someone buys. The income you earn can be used to pay for your monthly hosting fee. How about that?

I hope these few tips would help when next you want to host a website online. They are not jaw-dropping but sticking with them will surely bring you profit.

Source by Michael Chimikolo

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