Virtualization of the Operating System With Virtuozzo

Virtuozzo application allows to create a few isolated virtual environments (VE, VPS) on a separate physical server.

It allows to divide hardware, instruments of management, including software licenses. A virtual environment (or virtual server) functions as good as a separate server.

Each VPS includes:

1.) Set of accounts groups – root, superuser, users’ accounts, groups;

2.) It’s own processes, files, system libraries, configuration files.

Virtualization at the level of the operating system

Virtuozzo allows to virtualize hosting environment at the level of the operating system, but not at level of hardware, that often do other systems of virtualization.

All VPS start the kernel of the operating system. A virtual environment allows to present this one kernel as a great number of the operating systems, that especially well evidently from the side of the started applications, users, network services. Virtuozzo based on OpenVZ technology.

Similar systems of virtualization are Solaris Containers, Linux – Vserver, Freebsd Jail.

As far as virtualization takes place at the OS level, the start of greater amount of virtual servers is possible. It is so called overselling.

Virtuozzo supports 64 – processor servers with 64 Gb of memory space.

OpenVZ accessible on a license of GNU General Public License.

Available in Virtuozzo VPS possible transfer to another server significantly reduces system downtime in the event of hardware upgrades. Suffice it to connect a new physical server and move to it all VPS. The system that turns off just a few seconds.

In spite of limitations in the start of only one OS on a host, Virtuozzo allows to start different Linux distributives. It is explained that VPS, started on one host, have their own system libraries, configuration and program files.

Source by Uzi Levitovitch

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