The Benefits of Virtual Private Hosting (VPS)

With dedicated hosting, each server is dedicated to the needs of only one client. The advantages are complete control over the operating system, applications and the opportunity to accommodate high levels of traffic, but it is expensive and many businesses do not need the capacity and resources that dedicated hosting gives.

A common alternative is shared hosting, where a single server is managed by a web hosting company and many clients share the resources of the server. Shared hosting is generally much cheaper as the costs of managing the server are shared between all the clients, but it has limits on capacity and the types of applications that may be used.

VPS works in the same way as partitioning a hard drive on a PC. Just as you can run different operating systems on each partition, so each partition of the server acts as if it were a completely separate server and so earns the name of Virtual Private Server. Each VPS has its own operating system and it kept completely separate from the other VPS’s hosted on the same physical server by a piece of software called a hypervisor.

With shared hosting you can suffer from problems caused by the other sites hosted on the same server as yours, such as spikes in traffic, security loopholes or mistakes in their scripts, all of which can reduce the accessibility of your site and interfere with your business. These issues are eliminated with VPS as all aspects of other sites are contained within their own VPS and cannot affect yours.

VPS offers more flexibility than shared hosting, which by its nature has limited scope for customization, but requires less technical knowledge than dedicated hosting. In addition, it offers the reliability and high performance associated with dedicated hosting but at a much lower cost. In its separate partition, with its own operating system configured to suit the needs of your business, its own dedicated mail server and individual system resources, VPS gives you almost as much control as dedicated hosting on a smaller scale, making it a more cost effective way to obtain many of the advantages usually associated with dedicated hosting.

So, if you have a small or medium business and feel hampered by the constraints and potential problems of shared hosting, or perhaps you have already encountered difficulties created by other companies using a shared server, then VPS may provide a better solution for your hosting needs. Maximizing the performance and availability of your website is a key aspect of any business these days, and achieving the best possible web hosting will contribute to your success.

Source by Jared Gerber

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