How Your Web Hosting Company Treats You and Your Site

Are you aware that your web hosting company may not be treating you well, even if you have a premium hosting account? If you are not thoughtful, it can really limit your web business, when you host a website, whether your hosting account is premium or basic start-up level.


Even while providing good customer service to you, the same web host of your website can simultaneously treat you as though you are a child! How is it possible? The company treats you as a small kid by limiting the bandwidth, limiting the web space and limiting the number of web email addresses your site can have, besides giving your website other limited features, if you do not own a premium account. What do these companies think they are? Aren’t they behaving like parents would toward children – limiting and controlling?

Many hosting companies put limits in operations when you consider to host a website with them. For example, maximum bandwidth 500MB, maximum storage 100MB, 1 domain name,… etc., for a start-up plan. An upgrade option to an intermediate level is only somewhat less limited. A further upgrade to a premium account with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited web space doesn’t really give one a good choice either, because of a much higher price tag. How would you feel as a customer considering such typical ‘choices’? Feeling of liberation or feeling of limitation over your account hosting with them?

Even when you own a premium hosting account, if the cost of hosting is more than a certain dollar value per year, you are not being treated well too, in price, when industry leaders in web servers technology have installed newer servers which are better in capability, capacity and cost. Why aren’t your web host passing the savings to you?

How To Know You are Being Treated Well?

Besides prompt and quality customer service, any hosting company which does not offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space for even a basic start-up plan will go the way of the ancient dinosaurs. Big hosting companies need to offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage as standard features now, in order to treat you as a customer well. Many SME, whose websites are hosted with various resellers of web hosting, likewise must demand for such unlimited features as standard.

As for big corporations who have big pool of staff, it is no longer appropriate to limit their hosting accounts to, says, 50 or 100 web email addresses. It is not even wise to charge such big clients proportionally more for more than the usual number of web email addresses. Web hosting companies these days have to throw in unlimited web-based email accounts as a standard feature, whether the clients need such or not.

Despite providing these as standard features, the cost of hosting must be halved of the current prices! It is possible to have all these at half the price. This way, your host really gives your web business a good treat.

Behind all the recent technological advances in web servers and improvements in web software and web-based solutions these days, I reckoned there is a deep inner revolt against the prevailing limitations in the Internet. Internet experience should be liberating. Any enterprise who provides liberation and care-free in Internet experience always will have happy customers. When your web host offers you good customer service, unlimited features and at half the price, then, it is treating you and your site well.

Source by C H Yeo

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