HostGator Review – What Makes People Think That HostGator Is the Best Web Hosting

If you’re new to the online business world and you’ve heard of the company HostGator but just don’t know what it’s about then it’s about time you took a slight interest. More and more people are heading towards online careers and if it’s not for simple jobs then it’s for affiliate marketing and web hosting jobs which are the big money makers. If you want to start a web hosting plan, you need to first start with a good company. Among the few that are reliable is HostGator and here is why it’s great.

Many people like to believe that HostGator is a great web hosting company and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t. Established in 2002, they have already built up such a reputation that they have got over 2.5 million websites currently relying on them for hosting needs and have even received several awards for a job well done. HostGator is based in Texas, America and from their small area there they have been able to successfully cover the globe and provide to all who need, without fail. They have got a trusted name when it comes to the business and is now one of the top providers of dedicated servers, reseller hosting and site hosting services.

Besides having such a good name within the industry, HostGator is also favored for its reliable and trustworthy server that has got a 99.9% uptime. Now this is very important because you wouldn’t want to disappoint your clients with downtime on the site. In order for a business to thrive, you’ve to give your customers and clients what they want and in this case, a high uptime percentage can give them the chance to view the site as and when they want instead of always being denied the access due to downtime. It might result in them getting annoyed and forgetting your company on a whole. While speaking of good uptime percentage, don’t be fooled by companies that advertise 100% uptime because that would be a hoax. All websites no matter big or small are subjected to downtime because they need to be maintained and upgraded, the highest percentage a company can offer is 99.9%. with HostGator, you can be sure that you’d be guaranteed with their given percentage because they offer you a 45-day money back or refund if they don’t like up to their 99.9% uptime. This alone shows you how confident the company is in their own reliability.

In addition to that, one of the many plus sides of HostGator is that it has got an amazing bandwidth and bigger storage than you can get with any other company. They provide large spaces so that your websites work flawlessly and don’t lag which can be quite annoying something. It’s great because you get it for such a reasonable cost that there’s really no arguing or complaining about it. Also, along with that when you sign up with HostGator you get unlimited MySQL as well which is quite uncommon as most companies can only offer a limited volume of this database. So if you’re planning on starting a large web application, HostGator is your company, for sure.

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