Features Available For Windows Reseller Hosting Services

There are a wide variety of features offered for windows reseller hosting services to help them increase their margins by attracting more clients. Most of the resellers charge their end clients on the basis of the disk space allocated to them, the total data transfer allowed per month, the number of hosting domains provided for the websites of the clients and the MySql databases at their disposal. The Control panel provided to the reseller service providers helps them manage the live accounts and optimize the disk space and bandwidth usage.

The most important utility features available to the resellers include a smart mail system, customization of web folders and a file manager which is web-based, custom error pages, password protected folders and most importantly admin support for PHP and MySQL databases. The windows reseller hosting service providers also get a resilient anti-spam mailing service and a tried and tested anti-virus for the shared servers. The windows reseller hosting services packages also have unlimited sub-domains in the internet, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited file transfer protocol and email accounts. Powerful Quad-core Intel Xeon or High Speed Dual Core servers are usually available for higher performance.

Windows Reseller Hosting services also have 24 X 7 support enabled for C#, ASP.NET, AJAX, Perl, CGI and many other scripting languages. The servers are robust and the platforms include.NTE framework version 2, 3 and 3.5. The databases also have unlimited incremental backup to protect the data loaded into the databases. Additional backup and restore features can be enabled at additional costs too. One GB of bandwidth per month usually costs up to a dollar, so reseller services can always go for over the limit reselling if there is a high demand for web hosting from clients. HTML design tool, reseller control panel and user control panel, along with sophisticated and efficient file managers are provided as extra add-ons for the hosting. The reseller hosting services usually have powerful servers with their own well serviced data centers. The internet support comes from connection ranging from 50 – 80 GBps high speed internet supplied by the best internet service providers. The MS SQL hosting services are slightly more expensive supported by the windows 2003 standard edition.

Plesk 8.1, Plesk 8.3 and Helm are the most popular windows reseller hosting control panel technology used by the windows hosting. Apart from these the hosting control panels are feature rich to automate many of the calculations and optimization work. Content management software, along with Exchange and Sharepoint 2007 are also provided by some companies as additional perks along with easily installable apps, billing managers and portals where the content can be managed, backed up and edited easily depending on the client’s need.

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